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2 Keys is your personal concierge… providing peace of mind and unmatched professional services for your greatest asset

What Makes Us Different


You won’t find 2 Keys in the phone book. We don’t splash advertisements in magazines or on television around town. Our team works behind the scenes — and we let the quality of our work do the talking for us. 2 Keys is different … we are about fewer clients and more personal attention.

When it comes time to change the landscape of your property, 2 Keys springs into action with a team of professionals who have worked together for over a decade, enhancing yards with green grass, lush trees, colorful perennials, and warm lighting.
When it comes time to remodel that master bathroom or kitchen, 2 Keys calls upon our trusted list of professional contractors who are experienced in stonework, electrical, and plumbing to bring your new space to life with marble, brushed nickel, and vintage wall sconces.

When it’s time to get away for an extended island or mountain vacation with friends and family, 2 Keys takes the reins of your estate, providing security and peace of mind that you will return home to find everything just as you had left it … perfect.

At 2 Keys, the little things are the big things.

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Welcome to the 2 Keys

family … let’s get started!

From day one, we work for you — the client. Our goal will be to schedule, supervise, and facilitate all the services required to ensure there are no disruptions to your daily estate lifestyle.

You tell us what you need and we will listen. You ask for our advice and we will give it to you. You tell us about your problem and we will work to solve it. You tell us your vision and we will work to make it a reality. Your estate program will be unique to your home and tailored to your individual needs. The first step in this process will be to sit down and get to know each other a bit. We want to learn a little about you and the goals for your home. Plus, we’re sure you will have some questions about the 2 Keys team, our scope of services, and our areas of expertise.

Next, we will need to know the areas of concern around your house. Where are you having issues? What would you like to upgrade? Would you like to focus on the interior or the exterior? Do you foresee any big projects or renovations in the future?

The final step before we sit down and finalize your estate program will be thorough interior and exterior inspection reports,

pinpointing the major action items that will require immediate attention, as well as those short-term issues to be dealt with down the road.

Members of the 2 Keys team will spend a few days walking room to room inside your home, checking mechanical systems, inspecting fixtures and hardware, and getting a baseline for what works and what may need some attention.

We will then move to the exterior of your home, checking the roof, gutters, downspouts, fascias, and soffits. We will inspect your lawn, gardens, trees, and shrubs … and check to make sure your landscape lighting system is working properly. This detailed stroll will also give our team some ideas for how we might be able to enhance the overall look and feel of your property.

Once everyone is on the same page and your program is set, it’s time to set the 2 Keys team into motion for you!

The 2 Keys Effect

“This Spring, we hosted our youngest daughter’s wedding in our backyard, as we wanted a quaint ceremony with only our closest family and friends in attendance. Our family put together a fairly cumbersome laundry list of action items in need of attention, both inside the house and out…from lawn & landscape to paint & wallpaper to outdoor lighting. With plenty of time to spare, the 2 Keys team delivered on all our requests and remained on call throughout the wedding weekend just in case. The professionalism and peace of mind that 2 Keys delivers just continues to impress us and we are so happy to have their team in our corner”

– Marie, Observatory Park

“We have been with Dale and the 2 Keys team for almost a decade now. When we first moved into our estate, there was so much work to be done to make it our own. We leaned on 2 Keys to help us with planting trees, shrubs and flowers around the exterior, as well as a beautiful water feature that runs through our back yard. And we sought their advice and expertise to make our master bedroom and kitchen exactly how we always wanted it. Whether 2 Keys does the work themselves or relies on their extensive vendor list of professionals to help see through the project, it is always done right. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of estate management. The work they do to keep our daily lifestyle running smoothly is simply priceless.”

– Lisa, Cherry Hills Village

“We are in the process of building our dream home right now, so there is work to be done on the home we are currently living in and the home we are moving our family into later this year. 2 Keys has been integral in getting our current home ready for the real estate market…from interior and exterior painting to enhancements to our landscaping and pool deck…they are a huge ally in that preparation. And as our new home continues to take shape, Dale and the 2 Keys teams have been working right alongside our builder and our architect to make sure our vision comes to life just the way we see it in our mind. High praise for 2 Keys…their communication and their network of professionals gives us 100% confidence that our estate is in the right hands.”

– David, Denver Polo Club

“We are new to Colorado, so we didn’t know who to turn to when it came to estate management. We asked some friends in the Cherry Hills Village community who they would recommend and 2 Keys was a name that continued to come up. When we first met Dale, we bombarded him with our plans to improve the landscape of our property. He never hesitated and gave us the confidence that he knew how to get it done. When we turned to the interior and began to look at the various systems in need of upgrade, again the 2 Keys team seemed to know exactly who to turn to in order to make it happen. Six months later, our estate looks better than it ever has and we continue to work with Dale and 2 Keys on what the next several months could look like. It’s like having the ultimate teammate in your corner!”

– Kasey, Cherry Hills Village

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