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The 2 Keys Story

After moving to Denver, Colorado in 1998, Dale De Leo began his early career in the ski industry as an instructor and working in small ski shops during the winter seasons. In the summer months, he began working with various landscape companies around town, learning the ropes and the skill sets required to be successful in such a competitive industry.

After six years of apprenticeship, Dale decided it was time to go out on his own, so he started Brookfield Landscape Associates, a small lawn mowing and landscape maintenance company with early annual revenues hovering around $200,000, which he split three ways with his high school buddies.

With the meteoric growth of Brookfield, Dale as the sole proprietor turned to investors and decided to bring a client on board as his business partner to help sustain the high-level of work for their current clients and streamline business development for future ones. In only a handful of years, Dale and his partners grew this modest landscape business into a booming new company and rebranded it Europa Design. As his client base included the “Who’s Who?” of Denver sports & industry, Dale’s close friends considered him the “Landscaper to the Stars”, as the scope of his landscape & construction projects grew to be extremely profitable for the company.

After another extremely profitable five-year run, some unforeseen issues befell Europa Design in 2012, forcing the company to sell their main assets and their landscaping & maintenance contracts. Facing the prospect of an early temporary retirement, Dale’s phone continued to ring off the hook, as existing clients asked how he could continue to improve their homes and their properties around town. With an influential client base and a wealth of knowledge in both landscaping & property maintenance, Dale reinvented his business and formed 2 Keys; an estate management and concierge services company.

Born out of an entrepreneurial spirit, iron-clad trust and long-standing personal relationships, 2 Keys has grown from its humble beginnings to a multi-milion dollar company and continues to deliver for their clients just like it did way back when…

Our Team

Dale De Leo


Dale De Leo started 2 Keys in 2012 after building Europa Escape, a very successful landscaping company which he founded in the mid 90’s and sold nearly 18 years later. Today, Dale oversees the day-to-day operation of his estate management company, employing many of the same loyal workers that helped him build Europa nearly two decades before.

Born and raised in Brookfield, Connecticut, Dale moved to Colorado in the late 1980’s and quickly became immersed in the state’s ski lifestyle. A freestyle skier by nature, “Dangerous” Dale De Leo was a force on the mountain slopes and eventually was signed by Atomic and Red Bull to market their brands. After representing the Atomic brand in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming for many years, Dale settled down with his wife Karen in Cherry Hills Village, where they had a son Vinny (10) and a daughter Gigi (7).

When he’s not running a high-end estate management & concierge services company, Dale enjoys playing golf, skiing with his family and spending time at his mountain ranch.

Mickey Ryan

Estate Manager

Mickey Ryan came to 2 Keys after spending 16 years managing race car drivers in the IndyCar Series, including 5 Indianapolis 500 winners and 7 IndyCar champions. With skill sets in sports PR, sales and marketing, Mickey brings brand knowledge and business development to a company looking to expand their estate management horizons in the coming years.

Born in Albuquerque, NM, Mickey was raised in Lakewood, Colorado where he grew up enjoying the high country lifestyle and all things Denver sports. He graduated from Regis University, where he played Division II basketball under Lonnie Porter. Today, Mickey calls Englewood home with his wife Brady, his son Sean (10) and his daughter Sydney (8).

When he’s not working, Mickey enjoys bike riding, skiing, collecting vintage baseball cards and traveling with his family.

Ernesto Montes


Ernesto Montes was born in Colima, Mexico and raised in Northern California. He made his way to Colorado in 2001, where he began and shaped his landscaping and estate maintenance career as President of Montes Maintenance. Ernesto’s impeccable work ethic caught the eye of Dale De Leo in the late 90’s and the two would form a strong working relationship that has lasted from Europa Escape to 2Keys Asset Management Corp.

As the Foreman for the 2 Keys field team, Ernesto continues to rise to the challenges and requests of his clients, greeting every bump in the road and every small success with a smile. A “jack of all trades”, his vast library of trades includes sprinkler system initiation, repair and blowouts, minor residential construction, arboriculture, full-service landscaping, automobile repair and detailing, and estate moves & relocation, both local and national.

In his spare time, Ernesto enjoys detailing, repairing and refurbishing cars, camping and boating with his four children, and traveling through the beautiful state of Colorado.

Michelle Curry

Accounting/Office Manager

Michelle Curry has a love for helping people. She was born and raised in northern Virginia and earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from George Mason University. Michelle has held several management roles in Accounting and Finance for over 25 years in the fields of construction, property management and commercial real estate.

Michelle relocated from Virginia to Colorado in 2004 after discovering the beauty of the mountains on an impromptu ski trip with friends. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, camping, hiking, and spending lots of down-time with her husband, son, and labradoodles.

The 2 Keys Effect

“This Spring, we hosted our youngest daughter’s wedding in our backyard, as we wanted a quaint ceremony with only our closest family and friends in attendance. Our family put together a fairly cumbersome laundry list of action items in need of attention, both inside the house and out…from lawn & landscape to paint & wallpaper to outdoor lighting. With plenty of time to spare, the 2 Keys team delivered on all our requests and remained on call throughout the wedding weekend just in case. The professionalism and peace of mind that 2 Keys delivers just continues to impress us and we are so happy to have their team in our corner”

– Marie, Observatory Park

“We have been with Dale and the 2 Keys team for almost a decade now. When we first moved into our estate, there was so much work to be done to make it our own. We leaned on 2 Keys to help us with planting trees, shrubs and flowers around the exterior, as well as a beautiful water feature that runs through out back yard. And we sought their advice and expertise to make our master bedroom and kitchen exactly how we always wanted it. Whether 2 Keys does the work themselves or relies on their extensive vendor list of professionals to help see through the project, it is always done right. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of estate management. The work they do to keep our daily lifestyle running smoothly is simply priceless.”

– Lisa, Cherry Hills Village

“We are in the process of building our dream home right now, so there is work to be done on the home we are currently living in and the home we are moving our family into later this year. 2 Keys has been integral in getting our current home ready for the real estate market…from interior and exterior painting to enhancements to our landscaping and pool deck…they are a huge ally in that preparation. And as our new home continues to take shape, Dale and the 2 Keys teams have been working right alongside our builder and our architect to make sure our vision comes to life just the way we see it in our mind. High praise for 2 Keys…their communication and their network of professionals gives us 100% confidence that our estate is in the right hands.”

– David, Denver Polo Club

“We are new to Colorado, so we didn’t know who to turn to when it came to estate management. We asked some friends in the Cherry Hills Village community who they would recommend and 2 Keys was a name that continued to come up. When we first met Dale, we bombarded him with our plans to improve the landscape of our property. He never hesitated and gave us the confidence that he knew how to get it done. When we turned to the interior and began to look at the various systems in need of upgrade, again the 2 Keys team seemed to know exactly who to turn to in order to make it happen. Six months later, our estate looks better than it ever has and we continue to work with Dale and 2 Keys on what the next several months could look like. It’s like having the ultimate teammate in your corner!”

– Kasey, Cherry Hills Village

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