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Our lives are busy enough these days between work and play and kids and sporting events. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to take care of the laundry list of things to maintain your estate lifestyle. 2 Keys can help! Let us worry about those furnace and air conditioning services. Allow us to schedule that painter, that carpet cleaner or that car detailing professional. No time for yard work? Let 2 Keys help with your mowing, your planting and your landscape maintenance. We offer peace of mind here and a dedicated team that focuses on making sure your greatest asset continues to flourish.

Our Services

Site & Landscape

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  • cut grass and edge
  • property weed prevention
  • outside debris removal
  • tree, plant, shrub & grass inspection
  • inspect, test and repair irrigation systems
  • trim trees & hedges under 8 feet
  • fertilization, as required
  • standard pest control, as required


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  • evidence of decay or water damage
  • evidence of insect or pest damage
  • adequate ventilation
  • condition of wall / ceiling fixtures
  • flooring material condition & finish
  • window & door operation, weather-proofing
  • fireplace condition & operation
  • appliance condition & operation
  • stairway tread, risers & handrails check
  • smoke & carbon monoxide detector check
  • garage door condition & operation
  • plumbing systems check
  • electrical systems check
  • heating & cooling system check


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  • lines of structure square & straight w/ no evidence of bowing or sagging
    windows & doors
    no cracks, rot or decay
    joints secure
    no breakage or damage
    condition of finish
  • foundation condition
  • condition of siding, masonry veneers & stucco
  • condition of paint, stains, finishes
  • roof
    condition of roofing material
    flashing at penetrations
    check soffits & fascias for decay
    exterior vents clean & clear
    gutters & downspouts working


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  • repairs & maintenance, as required

Catering & event Planning

Regular Housekeeping

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  • housekeeping, including pick-up, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, wipe-down, interior glass, dishes & trash removal. laundry, as requested

Pool & water features

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  • vacuum & skimming of pools & spas
  • cleaning of filters & baskets
  • any repairs to pool and pool-related systems


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  • proper grading & drainage
  • condition of septic system
  • exterior structure condition – fences, walls, sheds, – – decks & detached garages
  • condition of stairways & railings


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  • cleaning of structure, gutters, glass
  • rust & stain removal, touch-up paint
  • ext / int repairs & maintenance, as required


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  • custom tailored holiday lighting plan for house gutters & trim, trees & bushes, garlands & wreaths
  • wholesale purchase of holiday lights & decorations through our preferred vendors
  • full service installation and seasonal maintenance of lighting system
  • full service take down and storage of holiday lighting & decorations (if requested)
  • custom holiday landscape & floral designs


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  • custom residential snow removal plan
  • dedicated 2 keys team ready for early morning driveway plowing and shoveling of patios, porches & walkways
  • commitment to safety with emphasis on shoveling before plowing to avoid landscaping, lights and snow pack / ice

LUXURY AIR and CAR transportation

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  • facilitation of private air travel and concierge service through our friends at international jet
  • facilitation of private car travel and concierge service through our friends at 5 star limousines

Top Questions About Our Services

How do we know if we are a candidate for 2 Keys estate management & concierge services?

The key word in that question is “estate”. We tend to work on properties with large square footage homes and sprawling yards that include many levels of landscaping, including trees, shrubs, flowers, rock walls and water features.

If we like our landscapers, but we are looking for assistance with projects inside the house, is that something we could approach 2 Keys about?

The long answer is…We are a full service estate management company with teams that work together on both the interior and the exterior of the house. Having outside parties loosens the connectivity that we require to make sure your estate is working properly across all systems. The short answer is no.

It sounds like estate management and landscape work is your bread and butter with clients. What other services does 2 Keys provide?

We have a massive holiday lighting division at 2 Keys. In addition to lighting up our clients’ homes and trees around their property, 2 Keys has the ability to light up large commercial areas and retail centers. We also have relationships with private air transportation professionals, as well as luxury Town car and limousine services. Should you need some assistance with relocation, the 2 Keys team can help with moving & storage. In the winter months, our team assists with snow removal with shovels and a fleet of snow plows. And if we can’t do it…we certainly have someone in the pipeline that can!

How much does this all cost?

Every estate management program is different and 2 Keys likes to tailor these programs to each individual’s needs. The first step in the process would be to schedule an initial consultation with the homeowner so that each party can get to know each other a little bit and then our team would spend some time walking around the interior and exterior of your home. The next step would be a more detailed home inspection to determine the most pressing action items around the interior of the estate. Then we would move to a thorough inspection of the exterior of the home and the landscaping, making note of areas of concern and offering advice & ideas for improvements in certain areas. Once we better understand the scope of your estate, the pressing action items and the manpower required to service the home, we would sit down to determine monthly fees and cost breakdowns.

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